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Strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, cardio and more.

Customize your workouts to fit your needs on your own schedule. As a member you will have unlimited access to a growing library of proven exercises that you can do at home, or virtually anywhere, using little to no equipment.  

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Track Your Progress


Customize your personal workouts, and stay focused by tracking your fitness progress online. Your goal is to score 100 points each week. 

Smart Video Training


Get access to an ever-expanding library of proven workouts and exercises taught by Dave, assuring proper form and technique for maximum results.

Professional Advice


Schedule a free coaching call with Dave every month! His 40 years of experience will help you customize your fitness with both exercise and nutrition.

What People Are Saying

Don Turner, Consultant, Executive Coach, Speaker


"My orthopedic surgeon is convinced that it is the fit10 isometrics I'm doing that is keeping me from a 3rd surgery, and I'm playing tennis again."

Barbara Hemphill, Author, "Taming the Paper Tiger"


"Dave's  fitness solution takes away all my excuses. I made a commitment to  exercise every day and have been doing so now for years."

Dr. David Kamnitzer, DC, Wellness Specialist


 “Sharing Dave’s exercise method with my patients is a joy and a privilege. This type of exercise is do-able, safe, affordable, fun, and it works.”