During the coronavirus pandemic we can help you stay fit at home!

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TIME - Only ten minutes! Get in, get out, and get it over with! As I say in my fitness seminars all the time, if you don’t have 10 minutes, there’s no hope for you!

CONVENIENCE - The exercises in the FIT10 ten minute program can be done virtually anywhere and at any time, including when you travel. And, most can be done without having to use any equipment whatsoever. 

SORENESS - Because FIT10 uses a unique method involving isometrics to pre-fatigue the muscles, combined with our proven one-set-to-failure approach, soreness is seldom if ever an issue.

BOREDOM - You can choose from an ever expanding library of great exercises that fit the FIT10 method, giving you a wonderful variety that virtually makes it impossible to get bored. Besides, you’re done with your workout well before you have time to get bored!

STICKING WITH IT (staying motivated) - Studies prove that success comes when you develop a daily habit. Like brushing your teeth, you will develop the habit of doing your workout every day. When was the last day you forgot to brush your teeth?

A healthier life starts now!