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my toughest customer

Someone asked me one day – regarding FIT10 – “Who is your toughest customer?” That was easy to answer, "my wife!" 

Melinda was an A-tennis player and played a lot. She played both ALTA and USTA year-round. She also played with other A-players in our subdivision every week. Bottom line, she was in great shape. 

But then one day, in her 50s, the tennis stopped because of serious shoulder and neck pain. She tried to treat it and keep playing but ultimately the pain won. Pretty soon she began losing muscle mass, strength, and energy. 

Melinda is not the type to go to a gym, and because I did my FIT10 workout using no equipment, she didn't have weights and cardio machines readily available. 

Eventually, her body began to change and she was frustrated. 

Not wanting to push anything on her, I asked if she wouldn't mind testing the FIT10 workout. I really wanted to know what she thought about it, knowing that she's my toughest critic. 

I was surprised when she immediately said “Yes!”, and dove right in. Often, while watching TV, she would get on the floor and do one or more of the exercises, asking me to critique her form and technique. At this point I knew she was serious! 

Today, nothing could stop Melinda from doing her FIT10 workout. The changes in her body shape are undeniable. She got her strength and energy back, and she couldn't be happier that she accomplished it all by only having to work out ten minutes a day.