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“Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the fit10 method of exercise is not for you. The only way to really understand what makes fit10 so great is to try it out… that’s why we give everyone a 30 day free trial.”
– Dave Hubbard, Founder

Common Questions


For Every Age

Access best exercises and workouts for your age and stage of life.

Fresh Workouts

New exercises added often with workout plans to keep you on track.

Anywhere Anytime

Access workouts at home, office, gym, or even when you travel.

Progress Tracking

Keep track of your daily health and fitness progress online.

Common questions

What is fit10™?

Fit10™ is a full-body exercise program (developed over 30 years) that goes where you go. Users get great results and stay motivated with our unique personal scoring and tracking system.

Does age or physical issues matter?

These exercises are designed to work for everyone. Each exercise can be modified based on one’s age and physical issues (back, hips, knees, balance, etc). You choose what works best for you.

Is any equipment needed to do the exercises?

Most of the exercises require no equipment. Some require using a piece of furniture (chair, sofa, etc.), and some can be done using something purchased inexpensively online.

How is this different from other exercise programs?

1. We teach functional fitness that delivers real results without injury or imbalance.

2. Our unique method builds full body strength quickly.

3. With our pause & play feature you go at your own pace.

4. If an exercise involves time intervals, the clock is built into the workout video.

Workouts are how long and done how often?

Each workout consists of 3-4 exercises done one after the other, averaging 10 minutes. We recommend you do one workout a day (anytime you wish) 5 days a week – you choose which days.

How does the progress tracking work?

You earn achievements by performing certain fitness related tasks, including your weekly workouts. Build healthy habits and chart your progress online, as you accomplish your fitness goals.

What if I need personal coaching?

Members are able to schedule a free coaching session (phone or Zoom) with Dave every month. Dave can help you customize your workouts and greatly improve your health and fitness.

Can I try it out before I buy subscription?

Fit10™ offers a free trial to new customers to try out our entire portfolio of exercises and workouts. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel your account before your trial ends and you will not be charged.

How do I know fit10™ will work for me?

You begin by learning how to do each exercise correctly and then progress at your own pace based on your current fitness level. You choose the exercises you can do for your workouts.

“Ok, I’ll try it out…”

Learn how this member regained her strength, muscle mass, and energy with fit10.

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