During the coronavirus pandemic we can help you stay fit at home!

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Is this really only ten minutes?

YES! Dave Hubbard has been developing, teaching and doing his FIT10 workout, and only working out 10 minutes a day, for over 30 years. This unique exercise program really does work and is a great way to stay fit consistently and conveniently. 

Does age or physical issues matter?

FIT10 exercises are designed for everyone. Each exercise can be modified based on one's age and physical issues (back, hips, knees, balance, etc). If not able to do all the exercises, there are plenty of choices allowing you to customize your workout. 

Is any equipment needed to do the exercises?

Most of the exercises require no equipment at all. Some exercises require using a piece of furniture (chair, sofa, etc.), and some are designed to be done using something that can be purchased very inexpensively online, or at a grocery or hardware store. We provide links for easy online purchase of all items demonstrated, and do not profit from them. 

What if I need personal coaching or have questions along the way?

One of the outstanding features of FIT10 is that members are able to schedule a free coaching call with Dave Hubbard every month. You'd be amazed how effective Dave's personal coaching can be in helping you to customize your workouts and improve your health and fitness, not only with exercise but with diet and nutrition.

How does the tracking and scoring work?

Every day you receive an email reminding you to score your progress on your personal online tracking system. Your goal is to score 100 points each week. It's a great way to stay focused and accountable with your workouts. After your first month you can customize your personal workouts each week. 

Can I try it for free without entering my payment information?

No, but keep in mind that you are not charged anything until 30 days after you sign up. So, you are actually able to try it at no cost, with full member access, for the first month. Cancel before 30 days and pay nothing.  

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